jueves, 23 de septiembre de 2010

...I'll be back soon...

After all these months, I promise to myself that I will be back writing on this blog. I have just finished my fieldwork, at least the major part of it, and I will start analyzing and digging on my data. Hopefully I will be able to think while writing (and write while thinking) on this blog. (If you don't see me here, you can always go to my other blog in spanish (rafaawa.blogspot.com).

BTW, on a different note, I have just checked that my MA thesis (which is linked on the top right of this blog) has been viewed and donwloaded by many people and I am happy with it. I hope it helps others, and if you were one of those that read it you can send me an email with your comms to my email (rafagua(at)gmail.com).

Below are the statistics from the UBC page....


Page displays

When medicine cannot cure : dying children, palliative care, and the production of companionship
March 2010 58
April 2010 42
May 2010 42
June 2010 19
July 2010 8
August 2010 17
September 2010 8
total 194

File downloads

March 2010 51
April 2010 21
May 2010 30
June 2010 5
July 2010 15
August 2010 10
September 2010 4
total 136

Top countries

countryCode Views
United States of America 196
Canada 23
Ireland 4
Iran 4
Philippines 4
Saudi Arabia 4
China 3
Japan 3
Brazil 2
Spain 2

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