miércoles, 27 de junio de 2012

still not clear

trying my best to clarify my thoughts. i feel i will make it, but right now it is unclear where i am going with this chapter.

on another note, here is a good quote from deleuze about children

"Parents are themselves a milieu that children travel through: they pass through its qualities and powers and make a map of them. (…) There is never a moment when children are not already plunged into an actual milieu in which they are moving about, and in which the parents as persons simply play the roles of openers or closers of doors, guardians of thresholds, connectors or disconnectors of zones. The parents always occupy a position in a world that is not derived from them. Even with an infant, the parents are defined in relation to a continent-bed, as agents along the child’s route (Deleuze. 1997. What Children Say, Essays Critical and Clinical. Translated by Daniel W. Smith and Michael A. 

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