miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

the social world of children with hematological conditions

this is the chapter i have been writing since mid-august. roughly 3 months on the making and i am not getting there. i still need to focus more my approach. i want to show the 'non-professional' work those concerned others put, how they organize themselves in relation to the irruption of these illnesses in their children's lives, how they have to be separated for months or even years, how they need to travel and/or relocate themselves, how they need to learn new skills and enhance their abilities to mobilize resources within the children's hospital and outside it in governmental offices, ngos, and other institutions. this chapter is the last i need to write but i have to say that only one of the seven is more or less ok. the rest need huge re-writing and reconceptualizing and retunning my discussion and what i bring as new to this field of tensions.
alright. here am i.

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